Welcome to City Wide Awning Company.

Our Goal at City Wide Awning Company is...

  to offer you the best price, on installed carports and patio covers. We are one of the only distributors of patio covers and carports in Houston that has a true pricing system in place.  If you are looking to protect your investment from harsh weather and damaging UV rays, purchasing one of our patio covers or carports is an affordable way to go. We offer sales and installation of patio covers and carports, enclosed garages, and other metal products throughout Houston and other surrounding areas.

With the intense heat and fierce rains that haunt Central Texas for a greater part of the year, patio covers and carports are a great way to keep your car and yourself out of the weather. Carports also provide needed protection for RV's, boats, tools and other things kept outdoors. During times of severe weather in Houston and surrounding areas, insurance companies have reported that more damage was done to cars left outside than houses. With the addition of a carport you will be able to protect your investments and prolong the life of your car.